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Ramp metering

The task of ramp metering systems is to control the flow of vehicles joining the traffic from cross roads on slip roads leading to the main carriageways of expressways and motorways equipped with an entry lane, in order to maintain the smooth traffic flow of vehicles moving on the main carriageway and reduce the risk of collision with vehicles entering the traffic.

Ramp metering systems are located on the junctions of road network nodes, where a large variation in traffic density is observed during rush hours, among others as a result of an increased supply of traffic coming from cross roads, which most often occurs on the ring roads of urban agglomerations.

The system works by regulating the inflow of vehicles to the main road with the use of a traffic light, and the frequency of traffic dosing depends on the traffic density on the main road. The rule is that only one vehicle run through the green light. The prismatic A29 sign informs about the system operation.

The offered ramp metering systems use loop or radar detectors.