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Modernization of road weather stations

December 2021
TELWAY Sp. z o.o. completed the modernization of road weather stations installed within the A4 motorway Kraków - Katowice section operated by Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska S.A.

The modernization works consisted in replacing the DRI521 (ROSA) measurement cards with DMU703/DRI701 interfaces. The replacement was due to the end of production and supporting period for ROSA weather stations by their manufacturer, VAISALA company from Finland. ROSA weather stations have been present on the market since the 1980s, and they have been working reliably on the A4 motorway since 2004. Their successors are the basic components of the road weather station RWS200, manufactured by the VAISALA company since the middle of the last decade. Modernization of meteorological stations is currently carried out also on the concession sections of the A2 (Świecko - Komorniki) and A1 (Toruń - Gdańsk) motorways.